23-2510. Employee; discharged, suspended, demoted; order filed with commission; copy to employee; appeal.

Any employee may be discharged, suspended, or demoted in rank or compensation by his department head by a written order which shall specifically state the reasons therefor. Such order shall be filed with the commission and a copy of such order shall be served upon the employee personally or by leaving it at his usual place of residence. Any employee so affected may, within ten days after service of the order, appeal such order to the commission. Notice of such appeal shall be in writing, signed by the employee appealing, and delivered to any member of the commission. The delivery of the notice of appeal shall be sufficient to perfect an appeal and no other act shall be deemed necessary to confer jurisdiction of the commission over the appeal. In the event any employee is discharged, suspended or demoted prior to the formation of the commission, such employee may appeal the order to the commission within ten days after the formation of the commission in the manner provided in this section.

Source:Laws 1971, LB 921, ยง 10.