23-230. Special town meetings; how called; notice; place; quorum.

A town meeting shall be held when the town treasurer, town clerk, and the chairman of the board or any two of them together with at least twelve freeholders of the town, shall in writing file in the office of the town clerk a statement that a special meeting is necessary in the best interests of the town setting forth the object of the meeting. The town clerk or, in his absence, the town treasurer shall post notices in five of the most public places of the town giving at least ten days' notice of such special meeting. It shall set forth the objects of the meeting as contained in the statement filed as aforesaid. The place of holding special town meetings shall be at the place where the last annual town meeting was held, but in case such place may be found inconvenient, the meeting may adjourn to the nearest convenient place; Provided, not less than one-third of the electors of a town shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any special town meeting.

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