23-1911. Surveys; records; contents; available to public.

The county surveyor shall record all surveys, for permanent purposes, made by him or her, as required by sections 81-8,121 to 81-8,122.02. Such record shall set forth the names of the persons making the application for the survey, for whom the work was done, and a statement showing it to be an official county survey or resurvey. The official records, other plats, and field notes of the county surveyor's office shall be deemed and considered public records. Any agent or authority of the United States, the State Surveyor or any deputy state surveyor of Nebraska, or any surveyor registered pursuant to the Land Surveyors Regulation Act shall at all times, within reasonable office or business hours, have free access to the surveys, field notes, maps, charts, records, and other papers as provided for in sections 23-1901 to 23-1913. In all counties, where no regular office is maintained in the county courthouse for the county surveyor of that county, the county clerk shall be custodian of the official record of surveys and all other permanent records pertaining to the office of county surveyor.

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