23-174.07. Change to comprehensive plan; prior consideration by planning department; report.

No resolution which deals with the acquisition, extension, widening, narrowing, removal, vacation, abandonment, sale or other change relating to any public way, transportation, route, ground, open space, building, or structure, or other public improvement of a character included in the comprehensive plan, the subject matter of which has not been reported on by the planning department under the provisions of section 23-174.06, shall be adopted by the county board until such resolution shall first have been referred to the planning department and that department has reported regarding conformity of the proposed action with the comprehensive plan. The department's report shall specify the character and degree of conformity or nonconformity of each proposed action to the comprehensive plan, and a report in writing thereon shall be rendered to the county board within thirty days after the date of receipt of the referral unless a longer period is granted by the county board. If the department fails to render any such report within the allotted time, the approval of the department may be presumed by the county board.

Source:Laws 1961, c. 87, ยง 12, p. 305.