23-1704.01. Sheriff; deputies; appointment; oath; duties.

The sheriff may appoint such number of deputies as he or she sees fit for whose acts he or she will be responsible. The sheriff may not appoint the county treasurer, clerk, register of deeds, or surveyor as deputy.

The appointment shall be in writing and revocable in writing by the sheriff. Both the appointment and revocation shall be filed and kept in the office of the county clerk.

The deputy shall take the same oath as the sheriff which shall be endorsed upon and filed with the certificate of appointment. The sheriff may require a bond of the deputy.

In the absence or disability of the sheriff, the deputy shall perform the duties of the sheriff pertaining to the office, but when the sheriff is required to act in conjunction with or in place of another officer, the deputy cannot act in the sheriff's place. No deputy shall act as constable while deputy sheriff.

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