23-1517.02. Records; computerized system of indexing; authorized.

(1) The register of deeds may use a computerized system of indexing for deeds and conveyances, mortgages, the Construction Lien Record index, the Miscellaneous Record index, the federal lien index, the fee book, and all other supplemental indices that may be contained in such office and may combine such indices into one Land Record index. If a computerized system of indexing is used, the register of deeds may maintain a printout of all records stored in the computer system and shall have a security backup system for data and other programs in an electronic medium which shall be stored in a secure location. If maintained, the printout shall consist of a record of fees, a numerical tract index, and an alphabetical general index.

(2) In counties which do not use the computerized system provided in subsection (1) of this section, the register of deeds shall use the separate book or microfilm form of recording instruments as required prior to July 10, 1984.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 679, § 1; Laws 1988, LB 933, § 1; Laws 1998, LB 33, § 1.