23-1201. County attorney; duties; services performed at request of Attorney General; additional compensation; reports.

(1) Except as provided in subdivision (2) of section 84-205 or if a person is participating in a pretrial diversion program established pursuant to sections 29-3601 to 29-3604 or a juvenile pretrial diversion program established pursuant to sections 43-260.02 to 43-260.07, it shall be the duty of the county attorney, when in possession of sufficient evidence to warrant the belief that a person is guilty and can be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, to prepare, sign, verify, and file the proper complaint against such person and to appear in the several courts of the county and prosecute the appropriate criminal proceeding on behalf of the state and county. Prior to reaching a plea agreement with defense counsel, the county attorney shall consult with or make a good faith effort to consult with the victim regarding the content of and reasons for such plea agreement. The county attorney shall record such consultation or effort in his or her office file.

(2) It shall be the duty of the county attorney to prosecute or defend, on behalf of the state and county, all suits, applications, or motions, civil or criminal, arising under the laws of the state in which the state or the county is a party or interested. The county attorney may be directed by the Attorney General to represent the state in any action or matter in which the state is interested or a party. When such services require the performance of duties which are in addition to the ordinary duties of the county attorney, he or she shall receive such fee for his or her services, in addition to the salary as county attorney, as (a) the court shall order in any action involving court appearance or (b) the Attorney General shall authorize in other matters, with the amount of such additional fee to be paid by the state. It shall also be the duty of the county attorney to appear and prosecute or defend on behalf of the state and county all such suits, applications, or motions which may have been transferred by change of venue from his or her county to any other county in the state. Any counsel who may have been assisting the county attorney in any such suits, applications, or motions in his or her county may be allowed to assist in any other county to which such cause has been removed. The county attorney shall file the annual inventory statement with the county board of county personal property in his or her possession as provided in sections 23-346 to 23-350. It shall be the further duty of the county attorney of each county, within three days from the calling to his or her attention of any violation of the requirements of the law concerning annual inventory statements from county officers, to institute proceedings against such offending officer and in addition thereto to prosecute the appropriate action to remove such county officer from office. When it is the county attorney who is charged with failure to comply with this section, the Attorney General may bring the action. It shall be the duty of the county attorney to make a report on the tenth day of each quarter to the county board which shall show final disposition of all criminal cases the previous quarter, criminal cases pending on the last day of the previous quarter, and criminal cases appealed during the past quarter. The county board may waive the duty to make such report.

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