22-412. Candidates for consolidated office; election; procedure.

Candidates for the consolidated office shall file with the county clerk or election commissioner of their county of residence. The names of such candidates shall be certified to the appropriate office of each of the other counties to be placed on the primary ballot. At the primary election following the approval of the consolidation of county or township offices, and in the year prior to the expiration of the office or offices consolidated, the two candidates receiving the greater number of votes for the position of consolidated nonpartisan office shall be nominated. If the consolidated office is under the laws of this state a partisan office, the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each political party shall be nominated. The election commissioner or county clerk shall certify the results of the primary election, as well as of the ensuing general election, from his or her county to the election commissioner or county clerk of the county having the largest population involved in the consolidation who shall certify the winner to each of the other counties.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 139, § 5, p. 640; Laws 1971, LB 44, § 6; Laws 1996, LB 1085, § 24.