22-202. New county; formation; officers; election.

If it shall appear that a majority of all the votes cast at any such election in the county interested is in favor of the formation of such new county or counties, the county clerk of the county shall certify the same to the Secretary of State, stating in such certificate the name, territorial contents, and boundaries of such new county or counties. Whereupon the Secretary of State shall notify the Governor of the result of such election, whose duty it shall be to order an election of county officers for such new county or counties, at such time as he shall designate, and he may, when necessary, fix the place of holding election, notice of which shall be given in such manner as the Governor shall direct. At such election the qualified voters of the new county or counties shall elect all county officers for the county or counties, except as hereinafter provided, who shall be commissioned and qualified in the same manner as such officers are in other counties in this state. Such officers shall continue in office until the next general election for such officers, and until their successors are elected and qualified, and they shall have all the jurisdiction and perform all the duties which are or may be conferred upon such officers in other counties in this state.

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