21-614. Orphanages and other homes; books, inspection by Auditor of Public Accounts; diversion of property and funds; powers of Attorney General.

The books, records, and files pertaining to any such home shall be subject to the inspection of the Auditor of Public Accounts of this state, or any deputy or clerk authorized by him to inspect the same. Any organization maintaining such a home or funds is hereby required, at the request of the Auditor of Public Accounts, to report to his office in detail all matters required by him to be reported concerning the business of such funds, home or homes. In case of any diversion of the funds or other property acquired by any such organization from the object and purposes of such home or homes, or funds therefor, the Attorney General is hereby authorized to bring suit in any court having general jurisdiction in equity matters in the state, to restrain and prevent any diversion of such funds or property, and to adjust any and all wrongs concerning the same.

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