21-312. Occupation taxes; lien; notice; lien subject to prior liens.

The occupation taxes required to be paid by sections 21-301 to 21-330 shall be the first and best lien on all property of the corporation whether such real or personal property is employed by the corporation in the prosecution of its business or is in the hands of an assignee, trustee, or receiver for the benefit of the creditors and stockholders thereof. The Secretary of State may file notice of such lien in the office of the county clerk of the county wherein the personal property sought to be charged with such lien is situated and with the county clerk or register of deeds of the county wherein the real estate sought to be charged with such lien is situated. The lien provided for in this section shall be invalid as to any mortgagee or pledgee whose lien is filed, as against any judgment lien which attached, or as against any purchaser whose rights accrued, prior to the filing of such notice.

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