21-2996. Denial of reinstatement; appeal.

(1) If the Secretary of State denies a limited cooperative association's application for reinstatement following administrative dissolution, the Secretary of State shall prepare, sign, and file a notice that explains the reason or reasons for denial and serve the limited cooperative association with a copy of the notice.

(2) Within thirty days after service of the notice of denial, the limited cooperative association may appeal the denial of reinstatement by petitioning the district court to set aside the dissolution. The petition shall be served on the Secretary of State and contain a copy of the Secretary of State's declaration of dissolution, the limited cooperative association's application for reinstatement, and the Secretary of State's notice of denial.

(3) The court may summarily order the Secretary of State to reinstate the dissolved limited cooperative association or may take other action the court considers appropriate.

Source:Laws 2007, LB368, ยง 96.