Nebraska Revised Statute 21-29,114

Chapter 21 Section 29,114


Vote affecting group, class, or district of members.

Members shall vote as a separate group, if a proposed amendment affects the group, class, or district of members in:

(1) The equity capital structure of the limited cooperative association, including the rights of the limited cooperative association's members to share in profits or distributions, and the relative rights, preferences, and restrictions granted to or imposed upon one or more districts, classes, or voting groups of similarly situated members;

(2) The transferability of members' interests;

(3) The manner or method of allocation of profits or losses among members;

(4) The quorum for a meeting and rights of voting and governance not including the modification of district boundaries which may, unless otherwise provided in the articles of organization or operating agreement, be determined by the board of directors; or

(5) The terms for admission of new members.