Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2,220.01

Chapter 21


Foreign corporation; domestication; procedure.

In lieu of compliance with section 21-2,203, relating to the authorization of foreign corporations to transact business in this state, any corporation organized under the laws of any other state or states which has heretofore filed, or which may hereafter file, with the Secretary of State of this state a copy, certified by the Secretary of State or other proper officer of the state or country under the laws of which such foreign corporation is formed, of its charter or articles of association or incorporation, together with all amendments to such date, the street address of its registered office in this state and the name and street address and, if one exists, a post office box number, of its current registered agent at that office, on filing with the Secretary of State a certified copy of a resolution adopted by its board of directors, including the date the resolution was adopted, accepting and agreeing to be bound by the provisions of the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act with respect to its property and business operations within this state shall become and be a body corporate of this state as a foreign domesticated corporation. If the stock is no par, a resolution of the corporation, signed by an officer of the corporation, shall state the book value of the no par stock, which in no event shall be less than one dollar per share.