Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2,155

Chapter 21 Section 2,155


Articles of amendment.

(MBCA 10.06) After an amendment to the articles of incorporation has been adopted and approved in the manner required by the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act and by the articles of incorporation, the corporation shall deliver to the Secretary of State, for filing, articles of amendment, which shall set forth:

(1) The name of the corporation;

(2) The text of each amendment adopted, or the information required by subdivision (k)(5) of section 21-203;

(3) If an amendment provides for an exchange, reclassification, or cancellation of issued shares, provisions for implementing the amendment if not contained in the amendment itself, which may be made dependent upon facts objectively ascertainable outside the articles of amendment in accordance with subdivision (k)(5) of section 21-203;

(4) The date of each amendment's adoption; and

(5) If an amendment:

(i) Was adopted by the incorporators or board of directors without shareholder approval, a statement that the amendment was duly approved by the incorporators or by the board of directors, as the case may be, and that shareholder approval was not required;

(ii) Required approval by the shareholders, a statement that the amendment was duly approved by the shareholders in the manner required by the act and by the articles of incorporation; or

(iii) Is being filed pursuant to subdivision (k)(5) of section 21-203, a statement to that effect.