21-19,165. Corporate records.

(a) A corporation shall keep as permanent records minutes of all meetings of its members and board of directors, a record of all actions taken by the members or directors without a meeting, and a record of all actions taken by committees of the board of directors as authorized by subsection (d) of section 21-1985.

(b) A corporation shall maintain appropriate accounting records.

(c) A corporation or its agent shall maintain a record of its members in a form that permits preparation of a list of the names and addresses of all members, in alphabetical order by class, showing the number of votes each member is entitled to cast.

(d) A corporation shall maintain its records in written form or in another form capable of conversion into written form within a reasonable time.

(e) A corporation shall keep a copy of the following records at its principal office:

(1) Its articles or restated articles of incorporation and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(2) Its bylaws or restated bylaws and all amendments to them currently in effect;

(3) Resolutions adopted by its board of directors relating to the characteristics, qualifications, rights, limitations, and obligations of members or any class or category of members;

(4) The minutes of all meetings of members and records of all actions approved by the members for the past three years;

(5) All written communications to members generally within the past three years, including the financial statements furnished for the past three years under section 21-19,170;

(6) A list of the names and business or home addresses of its current directors and officers; and

(7) Its most recent biennial report delivered to the Secretary of State under section 21-19,172.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 681, ยง 165.