21-19,163. Foreign corporation; domestication; procedure; effect.

If a foreign corporation, which has domesticated pursuant to section 21-19,161, surrenders its foreign corporate charter and files, records, and publishes notice of amended articles of incorporation in the manner, time, and places required by sections 21-1920, 21-1921, and 21-19,173, such foreign corporation shall thereupon become and be a domestic corporation organized under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act. The original incorporation date of a foreign corporation which has domesticated in Nebraska shall not be affected by such domestication. The domesticated corporation shall be the same corporation as the one that existed under the laws of the state in which the corporation was previously domiciled. Upon domesticating in Nebraska, the corporation shall continue to exist without interruption and shall maintain its same liabilities and obligations.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 681, § 163; Laws 2017, LB476, § 1.
Effective Date: August 24, 2017