21-1784. Liens.

A credit union shall have a lien on the share accounts from which a member may withdraw funds for his or her own use for (1) any loan or other obligation on which the member is an obligor or guarantor and (2) any other liability at the time owing to the credit union, unless the lien has been contractually waived, would cause the loss of a tax benefit for the member, or is prohibited by law. Such a lien shall not apply to an account in which the member may act solely on behalf of another person, nor shall it apply to an account in which the consent of a person not obligated on the loan or other obligation is required for a withdrawal. A credit union may exercise the lien up to the full amount of the account by offsetting funds in the account against any sums past due under such an obligation or, in the case of an obligation which has been accelerated, against the entire amount of the obligation.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 948, ยง 84.