21-1743. Membership; requirements.

(1) The membership of a credit union shall consist of the subscribers to the articles of association and such persons, societies, associations, partnerships, and corporations as have been duly elected, members who have subscribed for one or more shares, have paid for such share or shares in whole or in part, have paid the entrance fee provided in the bylaws, and have complied with such other requirements as the articles of association and bylaws may specify. For purposes of obtaining a loan and to vote at membership meetings, a member, to be in good standing, must own at least one fully paid share. Credit union organization shall be limited to groups of both large and small membership having a common bond of occupation or association, including religious, social, or educational groups, employees of a common employer, or members of a fraternal, religious, labor, farm, or educational organization and the members of the immediate families of such persons.

(2) A person having been duly admitted to membership, having complied with the Credit Union Act, the articles of association, and the bylaws, having paid the entrance fee, and having paid for at least one share, shall retain full rights and privileges of membership for life unless that membership is terminated by withdrawal or expulsion in the manner provided by the act.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 948, ยง 43.