21-1403. Articles of incorporation; contents.

Every nonstock cooperative association organized under the provisions of Chapter 21, article 14, shall provide in its articles of incorporation: (1) That the words nonstock cooperative shall be included in its corporate name and that it proposes to organize as a cooperative association; (2) the objects or purposes for which it is formed; (3) that the net earnings or savings of the association, if any, shall be distributed on the basis of, or in proportion to, the amount or value of property bought from or sold to members, or members and other patrons, or of labor performed or other services rendered to the corporation, except that this subdivision shall not be so interpreted as to prevent a cooperative company from declaring patronage dividends at different rates upon different classes or kinds or varieties of goods handled; (4) that the articles of incorporation or the bylaws of the company shall give a detailed statement of the method followed in distributing earnings or savings; (5) the registered office and street address of such registered office; (6) the current registered agent and the name and street address of such registered agent. A post office box number may be provided in addition to the street address; and (7) the name and street address of each incorporator.

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