2-966. Certain noxious weed control districts; dissolution; title to real estate.

Title to any real estate standing in the name of any noxious weed control district created under sections 2-910 to 2-951, which district was dissolved by the repeal of such sections by Laws 1965, chapter 7, section 15, is hereby quieted in the county in which such real estate is located. Any such real estate shall be held by the county for the use of the control authority created pursuant to sections 2-952 to 2-963 or may be sold and the proceeds from such sale deposited to the credit of the control authority.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 3, § 1, p. 66; Laws 1975, LB 14, § 11; Laws 1987, LB 1, § 9; Laws 1987, LB 138, § 13.