2-5502. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that agricultural production in this state is highly dependent upon businesses providing inputs for agricultural producers and markets for agricultural commodities which have historically located on lands owned and served by railroads. It is vital to the continued prosperity of agriculture that such businesses maintain reasonable access to rail service and maintain reasonable terms of tenancy upon land owned by railroads or their successors in interest. The Legislature also finds that agribusiness leaseholders' substantial investments in structures and improvements unique to their rail location, as well as dependency on rail access, place them at a disadvantage in negotiating lease renewals. The Legislature further finds that given the substantial investment in structures and improvements made by agribusiness leaseholders, it is equitable that such agribusiness leaseholders have a right of first refusal to purchase the land they lease, should it be offered for sale. The purpose of the Agricultural Suppliers Lease Protection Act is to establish a system for fair resolution of lease disputes that may arise between railroad property owners or their successors and agribusiness tenants and to guard against unreasonable lease renewal terms or unjust lease termination.

Source:Laws 2002, LB 435, ยง 2.