2-4613. District court action; procedures; order; appeal; failure to comply with order; effect.

In the district court action, the burden of proof shall be upon the district to show that soil erosion is occurring in excess of the applicable soil-loss tolerance level and that the landowner or operator has not established or maintained soil and water conservation practices or erosion or sediment control practices in compliance with the district's erosion and sediment control program. Upon receiving satisfactory proof, the court shall issue an order directing the owner or operator to comply with the administrative order previously issued by the district. The court may modify the administrative order if deemed necessary. Notice of the court order shall be given by either personal service or certified or registered mail to each person to whom the order is directed, who may, within thirty days from the date of the court order, appeal to the Court of Appeals. Any person who fails to comply with the court order issued within the time specified in such order, unless the order has been stayed pending an appeal, shall be deemed in contempt of court and punished accordingly.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 474, § 13; Laws 1991, LB 732, § 10; Laws 2015, LB206, § 7.