2-4612. Order for immediate compliance; when authorized.

The district shall petition the district court for a court order requiring immediate compliance with an administrative order previously issued by the district if:

(1) The work necessary to comply with the administrative order is not commenced on or before the date specified in such order or in any supplementary orders subsequently issued unless, in the judgment of the district, the failure to commence or complete the work as required by the administrative order is due to factors beyond the control of the person to whom such order is directed and the person can be relied upon to commence and complete the necessary work at the earliest possible time;

(2) The work is not being performed with due diligence or is not satisfactorily completed by the date specified in the administrative order or the practices are not being operated, utilized, or maintained as required;

(3) The work is not of a type or quality specified by the district and, when completed, it will not or does not reduce soil erosion from such land below the soil-loss tolerance level or, to the extent excess erosion is permitted by the district for a nonagricultural land-disturbing activity, will not or does not prevent sediment resulting from such excess erosion from leaving the land involved; or

(4) The person to whom the administrative order is directed advises the district that he or she does not intend to commence or complete such work.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 474, § 12; Laws 1988, LB 594, § 5; Laws 2015, LB206, § 6.