2-4605. District program; contents; review.

(1) Each district shall, with the approval of the director, adopt a district program for implementation of the state erosion and sediment control program. Each district's program shall include the:

(a) Soil-loss tolerance levels for the various types of soils in the district. The soil-loss tolerance levels shall be adopted and promulgated as rules and regulations and may be more but not less stringent than those adopted by the director. It is the intent of the Legislature that no land within the state be assigned a soil-loss tolerance level that cannot reasonably be applied to such land;

(b) Recommended erosion or sediment control practices and soil and water conservation practices which are suitable for controlling erosion and sedimentation within the district; and

(c) Programs, procedures, and methods the district plans to adopt and employ to implement the state erosion and sediment control program. Each district may subsequently amend or modify the program as necessary, subject to the approval of the director.

(2) The director with the advice and recommendation of the commission shall review each district's program and all amendments thereto and shall approve the program or amendments if the director determines that the district's program is reasonable, attainable, and in conformance with the state erosion and sediment control program.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 474, § 5; Laws 1988, LB 594, § 2; Laws 2015, LB206, § 3.