2-4604. State program; director; duties; program contents; revisions; hearings.

(1) The director shall, in cooperation with the commission, the Department of Environment and Energy, the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, and other appropriate state and federal agencies, develop and coordinate a comprehensive state erosion and sediment control program designed to reduce soil erosion in this state to tolerable levels. The program, which shall be reasonable and attainable, shall include:

(a) The soil-loss tolerance level for the various types of soils in the state;

(b) State goals and a state strategy for reducing soil losses on all lands in the state to an amount no more than the applicable soil-loss tolerance level;

(c) Guidelines for establishing priorities for implementation of the program at the state and local levels;

(d) Types of assistance to be provided by the state to districts, cities, and counties in the implementation of the state and local erosion and sediment control programs; and

(e) Such other elements as the director deems appropriate in accordance with the objectives of the Erosion and Sediment Control Act, including any recommendations for further legislative or administrative action.

(2) The state erosion and sediment control program may be revised by the director and the commission at any time. Before approving any such changes, the director and the commission shall conduct at least four public hearings or meetings to receive information from interested persons in different parts of the state.

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