2-4217. Investment in, purchase of, or assignment of loans; conditions.

The corporation may invest in, purchase, or make commitments to invest in or purchase, and take assignments or make commitments to take assignments of, conservation loans made to landowners for the construction or implementation of conservation practices by such landowners. No conservation loans shall be eligible for investment in, purchase, or assignment by the corporation if the conservation loan was made more than three years prior to the date of investment, purchase, or assignment by the corporation. A conservation loan invested in, purchased, or assigned by the corporation under this section may be secured by a mortgage or such other security device as the corporation deems necessary to secure the payment of principal and interest on such conservation loan.

The corporation may make, invest in, purchase, or make a commitment to make, invest in, or purchase natural resource development loans to any political subdivision. Such loans may be evidenced by any debt obligation which the political subdivision is authorized to issue in connection with any natural resource development practice and may be secured by such general or special revenue sources as the political subdivision is authorized to pledge or commit.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 385, § 17; Laws 1983, LB 20, § 7; Laws 1985, LB 387, § 11.