2-4211. Member or employee; conflict of interest; disclosure; officer or employee of state; membership on or service to corporation; how treated.

Any board member or employee of the corporation who has, will have, or later acquires an interest, direct or indirect, in any transaction with the corporation shall immediately disclose the nature and extent of such interest in writing to the corporation as soon as he or she has knowledge of such actual or prospective interest. Such disclosure shall be entered upon the minutes of the corporation. Upon such disclosure, such member or employee shall not participate in any action by the corporation authorizing such transactions.

Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, no officer or employee of this state shall be deemed to have forfeited or shall forfeit his or her office or employment by reason of his or her acceptance of office as a director of the corporation or by reason of providing services to such corporation. The fact that a member of the board of directors is a director of a natural resources district which is to receive a natural resource development loan or which may participate with the corporation in identifying and approving owners of real estate in such natural resources district who qualify for assistance from the corporation shall not be deemed an interest, direct or indirect, that would disqualify such board member from participating in transactions affecting such natural resources district or such landowners.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 385, § 11; Laws 1983, LB 20, § 4; Laws 1985, LB 387, § 7.