2-4018. Grain Sorghum Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund; created; purpose; investment.

The State Treasurer shall establish in the state treasury a fund to be known as the Grain Sorghum Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund, to which shall be credited (1) all fees collected by the board pursuant to the Grain Sorghum Resources Act and (2) any repayments relating to the fund, including license fees or royalties, which shall be credited to the fund for the uses and purposes of the act and its enforcement. Such fund shall be expended solely for the administration of the act. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 11, § 18; Laws 1995, LB 7, § 24; Laws 2019, LB298, § 12.

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