2-3983. Milking facility requirements.

A milking facility producing milk for manufacturing purposes of adequate size and arrangement shall be provided to permit normal sanitary milking operations. Such milking facility shall be physically separated by solid partitions or doors from other parts of the barn or building which do not meet the requirements of this section. A milking facility shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Sufficient space shall be provided for each dairy animal during the milking operation. If housed in the same area, the individual dairy animal should be able to lie down comfortably without being substantially in the gutter or alley. There shall not be overcrowding of the dairy animals;

(2) Maternity pens and calf, kid, and lamb pens, if provided, shall be properly maintained and cleaned regularly;

(3) Walls and ceilings shall be of solid and tight construction and in good repair;

(4) Only dairy animals shall be permitted in any part of the milking facility;

(5) The floors and gutters of the milking facility shall be constructed of concrete or other impervious material, graded to drain, and in good repair;

(6) The milking facility shall be well lighted and well ventilated to accommodate day or night milking;

(7) The milking facility shall be kept clean with walls and ceilings kept free of filth, cobwebs, and manure. The floor shall be scraped or washed after each milking and the manure stored to prevent access by dairy animals;

(8) Only articles directly related to the normal milking operation may be stored in the milking facility; and

(9) Feed storage rooms and silo areas shall be partitioned from the milking facility.

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