2-3962. Board; report; contents.

The board shall prepare a report on or before October 1 of each year setting forth the income received from the assessments collected in accordance with section 2-3958 for the preceding fiscal year, and the report shall include:

(1) The expenditure of funds by the board during the year for the administration of the Dairy Industry Development Act;

(2) A brief description of all contracts requiring the expenditure of funds by the board;

(3) The action taken by the board on all such contracts;

(4) An explanation of all programs relating to the discovery, promotion, and development of markets and industries for the utilization of dairy products and the direct expense associated with each program;

(5) The name and address of each member of the board; and

(6) A brief description of the rules, regulations, and orders adopted and promulgated by the board.

The board shall submit the report electronically to the Clerk of the Legislature and shall make the report available to the public upon request.

Source:Laws 1992, LB 275, § 15; Laws 2013, LB222, § 1.