2-3808. Department; marketing activities; powers and duties.

To achieve the purposes of the Nebraska Agricultural Products Marketing Act, the department may perform the following marketing activities:

(1) Coordinating the various marketing programs and policies of each of the state's agricultural commodities so that they will complement one another;

(2) Assisting the producers, processors, and distributors of agricultural products and commodities in conducting and administering marketing programs and policies conceived, desired, and formulated by and for such persons;

(3) Conducting activities designed to locate and study trade barriers adversely affecting the marketing of Nebraska agricultural products and conducting activities aimed at eliminating or mitigating any such barriers;

(4) Collecting and disseminating information relevant and beneficial to the economical, efficient, and profitable marketing of agricultural products by the Nebraska producers, processors, and distributors thereof;

(5) Assisting in matching up potential buyers and sellers of agricultural products produced in Nebraska;

(6) Cooperating with other local, state, or national agricultural marketing entities, public or private, in carrying out the act and entering into such contracts as may be necessary;

(7) Adopting and promulgating such reasonable rules and regulations as are necessary to effectively carry out the intent of the act;

(8) Accepting funds or fees from any source, including federal, state, public, or private, to be used in carrying out the act;

(9) Expending funds for purposes of carrying out the act; and

(10) Conducting any other programs for the development, utilization, and marketing of agricultural products grown or produced in the state.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 538, § 8; Laws 1988, LB 807, § 4.