2-3753. Commission; powers and duties.

The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) To adopt and devise a dry bean program consisting of research, education, advertising, publicity, and promotion to increase total consumption of dry beans on a state, national, and international basis;

(2) To prepare and approve a budget consistent with limited receipts and the scope of the dry bean program;

(3) To adopt and promulgate reasonable rules and regulations necessary to carry out the dry bean program;

(4) To procure and evaluate data and information necessary for the proper administration and operation of the dry bean program;

(5) To employ personnel and contract for services which are necessary for the proper operation of the dry bean program;

(6) To establish a means whereby the grower and processor of dry beans has the opportunity at least annually to offer his or her ideas and suggestions relative to commission policy for the coming year;

(7) To authorize the expenditure of funds and contracting of expenditures to conduct proper activities of the program;

(8) To bond such persons as may be necessary in order to insure adequate protection of funds;

(9) To keep minutes of its meetings and other books and records which will clearly reflect all of the acts and transactions of the commission and to keep such records open to examination by any grower or processor participant during normal business hours;

(10) To prohibit any funds collected by the commission from being expended directly or indirectly to promote or oppose any candidate for public office or to influence state legislation. The commission shall not expend more than fifteen percent of its annual budget to influence federal legislation. The purpose of such expenditures for federal lobbying activity shall be limited to activity supporting the underlying objectives of the dry bean program relating to market development, education, and research;

(11) To establish an administrative office at such place in the state as may be suitable for the proper discharge of the functions of the commission; and

(12) To adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the Dry Bean Resources Act.

Source:Laws 1987, LB 145, § 19; Laws 2015, LB242, § 1.