2-3745. Dry Bean Commission; created; members; qualifications.

There is hereby created the Dry Bean Commission which shall be composed of nine members, two of whom shall be selected by the commission and seven of whom shall be appointed by the Governor. Commission members shall be appointed on a nonpartisan basis. Six members shall be growers who (1) are citizens of Nebraska, (2) are at least twenty-one years of age, (3) have actually been engaged in growing dry beans in this state for at least three years, and (4) derive a substantial portion of their income from growing dry beans. Three members shall be dry bean processors who have been in business in Nebraska for at least three years, and the Director of the University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center shall be an ex officio member but shall have no vote in commission matters.

Source:Laws 1987, LB 145, § 11; Laws 2003, LB 219, § 1; Laws 2011, LB394, § 1.