2-3296. District; recreation area; permit water-related activities; violation; penalty.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in section 2-3290.01, a district may permit and regulate swimming, bathing, boating, wading, waterskiing, the use of any floatation device, or any other water-related recreational activity in all or any portion of a recreation area and may provide for special conditions to apply to specific swimming, bathing, boating, wading, or waterskiing areas. Any special conditions shall be posted on appropriate signs in the areas to which they apply.

(2) Any person who swims, bathes, boats, wades, water-skis, uses any floatation device, or engages in any other water-related recreational activity in a recreation area when not permitted by a district shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 861, § 8; Laws 2006, LB 1113, § 16.