2-3232. Districts; studies, investigations, surveys, and demonstrations; powers.

Each district shall have the power and authority to:

(1) Make studies, investigations, or surveys and do research as may be necessary to carry out its authorized purposes, enter upon any land, after notifying the owner or occupier, for the purpose of conducting such studies, investigations, surveys, and research, and publish and disseminate the results. Entry upon any property pursuant to this section shall not be considered trespass, and damages are not recoverable on that account alone. In case of any actual or demonstrable damage to premises, the district shall pay the owner of the premises the amount of the damages. Upon failure of the landowner and the district to agree upon the amount of damages, the landowner, in addition to any other available remedy, may file a petition as provided in section 76-705. To avoid duplication of effort, any such studies, investigations, surveys, research, or dissemination shall be in cooperation and coordination with the programs of the University of Nebraska, or any department thereof, and any other appropriate state agencies; and

(2) Conduct demonstration projects within the district on lands owned or controlled by this state or any of its agencies, with the cooperation of the agency administering and having jurisdiction thereof, and on any other lands within the district, upon obtaining the consent of the owners of such land or the necessary rights and interest in such lands, in order to demonstrate by example the means, methods, and measures by which soil and water resources may be conserved and soil erosion in the form of soil blowing and soil washing may be prevented and controlled. Demonstration projects shall be coordinated with the programs of the Agricultural Research Division of the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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