2-3230. Districts; facilities and works; powers.

Each district shall have the power and authority to construct and maintain works and establish and maintain facilities across or along any public street, alley, road, or highway and in, upon, or over any public lands which are now, or may hereafter become, the property of the State of Nebraska, and to construct works and establish and maintain facilities across any stream of water or watercourse; Provided, that the district shall promptly restore any such street, highway, or other property to its former state of usefulness as nearly as may be possible, and shall not use the same in such manner as to completely or unnecessarily impair the usefulness thereof. In the use of streets, the district shall be subject to the reasonable rules and regulations of the county, city, or village where such streets lie concerning excavation and the refilling of excavation, the relaying of pavements, and the protection of the public during periods of construction. The district shall not be required to pay any license or permit fees, or file any bonds, but may be required to pay reasonable inspection fees.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 9, ยง 30, p. 120.