2-32,110. Flood control improvement corridor; hearing on adoption or amendment of map; notice.

At least ten days prior to the district's public hearing on the adoption or amendment of any flood control improvement corridor map, the district shall publish, in a newspaper of general circulation within the district, a notice of the public hearing together with a diagram showing the general location and width of each flood control improvement corridor which is proposed to be adopted or amended. The notice shall identify the place within the district where the detailed flood control improvement corridor maps which are proposed to be adopted or amended are available for public inspection. At least fifteen days prior to the public hearing, the district shall send such notice of public hearing and copies of the flood control improvement corridor map by certified mail to the owner of each parcel of land traversed by the corridor at the address shown for such owner on the county tax records.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 480, ยง 17.