2-2703.01. Supplemental sale permit; issuance; testing; when required.

Upon application by any person and payment of the fee required in section 2-2705.01, the board may recommend to the department that a supplemental permit be issued to such person for the sale of a new tractor model based upon the official test results of a previous tractor model. The specifications and performance representations of the new tractor model shall be compared to the official test results of the previous tractor model, and if there are no substantial changes in specifications, performance representations, and the capacity of the new tractor model to meet such specifications and representations of performance, the board shall recommend to the department the issuance of a supplemental permit. The board may require further testing of the new tractor model upon which a permit is sought and may require the person making application to provide for reimbursement for the cost of such tests pursuant to section 2-2705. If further testing is performed, the board shall certify the results of such tests and forward them to the department.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 768, ยง 6.