2-270. County agricultural society; reinstatement; name change; when.

If, since the corporate existence of a county agricultural society became inoperative, any other county agricultural society organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska adopted the same name as the society sought to be renewed or revived or shall have adopted a name so nearly similar to it as not to distinguish it from the society renewed or revived under the provisions of sections 2-267 to 2-271, then, in such case, the renewed or revived society shall not be renewed under the same name which it bore when its corporate existence became inoperative, but shall adopt and be renewed under a new name which, under existing law, could be adopted by a society formed and organized under the County Agricultural Society Act, and in such case the certificate to be filed under section 2-272 shall set forth the name borne by such society at the time its existence became inoperative and the new name under which the society is to be renewed or revived.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 671, § 4; R.S.Supp.,1996, § 2-244; Laws 1997, LB 469, § 21.