2-265. County agricultural society; dissolution; procedure.

(1) To dissolve a county agricultural society established or sought to be established under the County Agricultural Society Act, the county board shall, upon petition of not less than fifteen percent of the registered voters of the county as shown by the poll books of the last previous general election, submit to the people of the county to be voted upon at a general or special election called by the county board for that purpose, a proposition to dissolve such county agricultural society. Such proposition shall be submitted as provided in section 23-126.

(2) If a majority of all the votes cast on the proposition are in favor of the dissolution, the county board shall cause the record of such proposition and all the proceedings thereon to be entered upon the records of the county agricultural society and shall make an order that such county agricultural society is dissolved.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 469, ยง 16.