2-255. Petition; signature verification; organizational meeting; notice.

Upon receipt of a petition to create a county agricultural society, the county board shall have the signatures verified by the election commissioner or county clerk pursuant to section 32-631. The election commissioner or county clerk shall return the verified petition within fifteen days after receipt of the petition from the county board. If the number of signatures required under section 2-254 are verified, the county board shall declare the petition approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting following the submission of the petition by the petitioners to the county board. If the petition is approved, the county board shall schedule an organizational meeting for the county agricultural society and shall give notice of the organizational meeting in a newspaper of general circulation within the county once each week for three weeks before the scheduled organizational meeting. The notice shall state the time and place of the organizational meeting and that all registered voters of the county are eligible to participate and vote at the organizational meeting. At the organizational meeting, the registered voters present shall, by majority vote, (1) determine the size of the board of directors for the county agricultural society, an odd number not less than five and not larger than nineteen, and (2) elect the board members.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 469, ยง 6.