2-236. County fair; dissolution; disposition of property.

Upon the dissolution of such appointed county fair board, all the property, both real and personal, which had been purchased by such county or county fair board or transferred to the county board under subsection (2) of section 2-235 for such county fair purposes may be sold or disposed of by the county board in whole or in part and from time to time in the same manner as other properties of the county may lawfully be sold or disposed of. If any of such property is appropriate for any other lawful use or purpose of such county, such property may be held for or transferred to the county.

Source:Laws 1927, c. 51, § 5, p. 206; C.S.1929, § 2-226; R.S.1943, § 2-236; Laws 1999, LB 437, § 14.