2-233. County fair; dissolution; procedure.

Whenever it is deemed expedient to dissolve any county fair board established in any county with less than one hundred twenty-five thousand people in this state under sections 2-221 to 2-231 as determined by (1) the county board upon its own motion in counties with appointed county fair boards, (2) the county fair board upon its own motion in counties with elected county fair boards, or (3) petition of not less than twenty-five percent of the registered voters of the county as shown by the list of registered voters of the last general election, the county board shall submit to the people of the county, to be voted upon at a general or special election called by the county board for that purpose, a proposition to dissolve such county fair board. The question of dissolving any such county fair shall not be submitted until the expiration of three years after the vote to establish such fair has been taken.

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