2-220. State, district, and county fairs; offenders; illegal devices; obstructions; penalties.

The president of any district or county agricultural society, a marshal, or any police officer appointed by the Nebraska State Fair Board shall be empowered to arrest, or cause to be arrested, any person or persons engaged in violating section 2-219. He or she may seize, or cause to be seized, all intoxicating liquors, wine, or beer, of any kind, with the vessels containing the same, and all tools or other implements used in any gambling or other game of chance, and may remove, or cause to be removed, all shows, swings, booths, tents, carriages, wagons, vessels, boats, or any other nuisance that may obstruct, or cause to be obstructed, by collecting persons around or otherwise, any thoroughfare leading to the enclosure in which such fair is being held. Any person owning or occupying any of such causes of obstruction, who may refuse or fail to remove such obstruction or nuisance when ordered to do so by the president or officer, shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.

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