2-1588. Fund; allocation; report; projects; costs.

(1) No money in the Nebraska Resources Development Fund may be reallocated by the commission in accordance with sections 2-1586 to 2-1595 for utilization by the department, by any state office, agency, board, or commission, or by any political subdivision of the state which has the authority to develop the state's water and related land resources after March 30, 2014. The commission may commit appropriated funds to projects approved as of March 30, 2014, not to exceed amounts specifically allocated to such projects prior to March 30, 2014, unless specific appropriations or transfers to exceed the March 30, 2014, allocation amounts are approved by the Legislature. If such specific appropriations or transfers are made, the commission shall develop procedures to allocate the additional funding to projects approved as of March 30, 2014. Allocations shall not exceed funds appropriated for such purpose. Any of such funds remaining after all such project costs have been completely funded shall be transferred to the Water Sustainability Fund by the State Treasurer. Prior to March 30, 2014, the Nebraska Resources Development Fund may be allocated in the form of grants or loans or for acquiring state interests in water and related land resources programs and projects undertaken within the state. The allocation of funds to a program or project in one form shall not of itself preclude additional allocations in the same or any other form to the same program or project. Funds may also be allocated to assist natural resources districts in the preparation of management plans as provided in section 46-709. Funds so allocated shall not be subject to sections 2-1589 to 2-1595.

(2) No project, including all related phases, segments, parts, or divisions, shall receive more than ten million dollars from the fund. On July 1 of each year after 1993, the director shall adjust the project cost and payment limitation of this subsection by an amount equal to the average percentage change in a readily available construction cost index for the prior three years.

(3) Prior to September 1 of each even-numbered year, a biennial report shall be made to the Governor and the Clerk of the Legislature describing the work accomplished by the use of such development fund during the immediately preceding two-year period. The report submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature shall be submitted electronically. The report shall include a complete financial statement. Each member of the Legislature shall receive an electronic copy of such report upon making a request to the director.

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