2-1580. Fund; erosion and sediment control payments; conditions.

Payments may be made from the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Fund to owners of private land which is being converted to urban use for the purpose of controlling erosion and sediment loss from construction and development. As a condition for receiving any funds pursuant to this section, the landowner shall agree in writing that the erosion and sediment control practices will be installed prior to the land-disturbing activity, when possible, and that the practices will be adequately maintained or replaced at the landowner's expense until ninety-five percent of the site is permanently stabilized. Payments made pursuant to this section shall be in accordance with and conditional upon such terms as are established by the commission. Such terms may be different from those established by section 2-1579 for payments relating to other types of projects and practices.

Source:Laws 2002, LB 1003, ยง 10.