2-1225. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 2-1207 and 2-1224 to 2-1229, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Commission shall mean the State Racing and Gaming Commission;

(2) Interstate simulcast shall mean parimutuel wagering at any licensed racetrack within the state on the results of any horserace conducted outside the state;

(3) Licensed horserace meeting shall include, but not be limited to, licensed racetracks at which simulcasts or interstate simulcasts are conducted;

(4) Operator shall mean any licensee issued a license under sections 2-1201 to 2-1223 operating a simulcast facility in accordance with sections 2-1224 to 2-1229;

(5) Receiving track shall mean any track which displays a simulcast which originates from another track or which conducts interstate simulcasts;

(6) Sending track shall mean any track from which a simulcast or interstate simulcast originates;

(7) Simulcast shall mean the telecast of live audio and visual signals of any horserace conducted in the state for the purpose of parimutuel wagering;

(8) Simulcast facility shall mean a facility within the state which is authorized to display simulcasts for parimutuel wagering purposes under sections 2-1224 to 2-1227 or to conduct interstate simulcasts under sections 2-1228 and 2-1229; and

(9) Track shall mean the grounds or enclosures within which horseraces are conducted by licensees authorized to conduct such races in accordance with sections 2-1201 to 2-1223.

Source:Laws 1987, LB 708, § 2; Laws 1989, LB 591, § 5; Laws 2021, LB561, § 23.