2-1211. Licensees; records; reports; audit.

Every corporation or association licensed under sections 2-1201 to 2-1218 shall so keep its books and records as to clearly show the total number of admissions to races conducted by it on each racing day, including the number of admissions upon free passes or complimentary tickets, and the amount received daily from admission fees and the total amount of money wagered during the race meeting, including wagers at locations to which its races were simulcast and at races which it received via simulcast from other racetracks, and shall furnish to the commission such reports and information as it may require with respect thereto. At the end of each race meeting, the licensee shall furnish to the commission and the Governor a complete audit by a certified public accountant detailing all expenses and disbursements. Such audit shall be in the form specified by the commission and shall be filed on or before February 1 following such meet.

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