2-1203.01. Commission; duties.

The commission shall:

(1) Enforce all state laws covering horseracing as required by sections 2-1201 to 2-1229 and enforce rules and regulations covering horseracing adopted and promulgated by the commission under the authority of section 2-1203;

(2) License racing industry participants, race officials, mutuel employees, concessionaires, and such other persons as deemed necessary by the commission if the license applicants meet eligibility standards established by the commission;

(3) Prescribe and enforce security provisions, including, but not limited to, the restricted access to areas within track enclosures and backstretch areas, and prohibitions against misconduct or corrupt practices;

(4) Determine or cause to be determined by chemical testing and analysis of body fluids whether or not any prohibited substance has been administered to the winning horse of each race and any other horse selected by the board of stewards;

(5) Verify the certification of horses registered as being Nebraska-bred under section 2-1213; and

(6) Collect and verify the amount of revenue received by the commission under section 2-1208.

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